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Rosalind and the Little Deer


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Rosalind loves to play with her little deer in the shade of the lime tree. Then one day a hunter comes along with his dog and frightens the deer away. The poor little deer is captured by a king and kept in a golden cage. Can Rosalind persuade the king to part with his pet and set the little deer free?

This is a delightful story for young children from the world-renowned Swedish author--illustrator Elsa Beskow.

This wonderful new edition of Rosalind and the Little Deer faithfully reproduces Beskow's classic illustrations in a collectable picture book featuring a unique hand-crafted design, premium-quality paper, gold foil signature and a luxurious cloth spine. Create an Elsa Beskow library by collecting all of the gorgeous new editions.

Más detalles

  • Editorial: Floris Books

    Autora: Elsa Beskow

    Edad recomendada: a partir de 5 años

    Nº de páginas: 32

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