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Merlina and the Magic Spell

ISBN 9780863157141

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It's harvest time, and Merlina the little sorceress and her friend Igor the dragon are busily gathering fruit and vegetables from their garden.

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  • When Igor stands on a sharp thorn, Merlina has to find the right spell to make his toe better. Several not-so-magic spells later and the thorn is still there, and poor Igor is still in pain. That is, until he tries a tasty-looking chilli pepper, and gets quite a shock! Maybe magic doesn’t always hold the key to their problems… 

    Daniela Drescher brings the charming world of Merlina the struggling sorceress to life with her beautiful illustrations. Each page is packed with delightful details for children to enjoy time and time again.

    Age Range:From 3 to 6 years

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